‘Searching For Zen’ Albert T Franklin’s Bestselling Debut Fantasy Novel!

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About the Book

Our story begins on Earth, but an Earth with a past steeped in fantasy and science fiction. From humble beginnings, a boy is given a divine destiny, a chance to make his mark on human civilization, but he must embark upon a life-changing journey. Our hero struggles to understand what he has been given and what to do with it, losing himself in doubt and loneliness as he confronts the dark side of humanity.

Coming of age, Zen finds strength in himself, builds a family from a motley collection of strangers, and discovers love. His newfound friends help him open up, learn to trust others, and eventually understand his reason for fighting. The trials he faces throughout his quest amplify as his power increases, and he even sparks the ire of those in the spirit realm, who doubt any human can wield such power successfully. As Zen struggles to fulfill his purpose, he learns that love, friendship, and divine destiny all come with a heavy price.

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Searching for Zen
A Tale of Divine Destiny